The Story of Michael


Is fate just? Can one be just by controlling his fate? Michael would have asked the same questions. Peer into the world of a young man as we follow his life from a child to adulthood.

Michael lives his life differently than you and I, but why is that? There is a mystery to him. From a young boy, he is broughtup to see the good in the world. Along with his dream of peace and serenity he sees the potential of a greater life, because of his nightmares.

Suddenly, Michael is thrown into unexpected situations that cause him to react. He does not realize it, but his small actions have shaped the formations of the world around him.

The Story of Michael is the start of these formations as they shape with Michael as the main catalyst.

About The Story of Michael

After years of working in the media industry, David Blane's newest project is called, The Story of Michael. It is a book announced for release in 2011. Please Subscribe, Share and Enjoy the content!