Aspiring Author Looks to Social Media to Find Publisher for his “Dream Book”

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Author To Use Social Networking To Get Book Published

Atlanta, Ga – April 8th, 2011 – “You have to expect to do it all yourself, or it really will never get done” explains 25 year old writer David Blane. “And that’s ok! This is my pride and joy, if it means promoting and marketing myself, I will be happy to do it!” he said with a smile.

David Blane is what he calls a “Creative type”. The kind that thinks more than he speaks, to sum up his description. When asked about finding a publisher or agent to help with his book, The Story of Michael, he responded by saying, “I would love to work knowledgeable people. I know I’m the author, but the story is great. Anyone who can help me bring it to the readers, I will want to work with.”

His approach includes inviting people to his blog to talk about writing. Holding events every time he completes a ‘Phase’ of his book. He says, “They (the events) do two things. Make the writing process fun for everyone, and, more importantly, gives me a deadline. We creatives need those.” He said.

“I started off by spending time with other writer groups. Going to blogs, forums and social pages to ask for advice and help out where I could.” explains David. He says that treating this book as though it’s a source of community based workmanship inspires him to keep writing. “I am constantly writing, but I love looking back at what I’ve written for myself and telling people how they can do it to.”

David Blane say’s he hopes to have more helpful guides and information about writing on his website to give everyone more of a reason to visit his site.

David Blane


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