The Story Of Michael

The Story of Michael is a book brought to you by Author David Blane. It’s a creative journey through a fictitious world. The settings are vibrant and rich while the story is filled with thrilling emotion and dramatic depth. It’s the first part of the story; The beginning of an adventure!

A Quick Summation

Michael, a young boy from a small town outside of the university city of Bard, lives with his Father Sam. Often travelling into the now colorless city of Harbold to sell his fathers gadgets. He finds the busyness of life and starkness of the city to be unappealing. It’s Home, but he feels fate pulling him to a new path.

One day he discovers simplicity in the warming rays from sun in a secret area near Harbold. A feeling so small and peaceful. It is carried with him for the rest of his life. A haunting reminder; there is something more.

As Michael journeys he becomes increasingly aware of is internal struggles while traveling to new cities and meeting people from far off lands. As he discovers his fate, destiny throws him into life altering situations which he must overcome.

Michael’s adventure begins with this book, The Story of Michael.

I am a writer who loves a good story and likes to discuss my artistic vision with other creative people out there.


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  1. Spencer says:

    This book sounds like my kind of reading ^_^ Can’t wait to read it.

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