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Simply put, Ambiguity leaves things open to more interpretation.

Few things are more interesting to people than not fully understanding something. Part of the fun when getting to know characters is satisfying curiosity. This it what makes ambiguity so powerful. Writing in an ambiguous tone can help and hinder you.

Writing Ambiguously Makes Readers Curious

Sometimes readers are interested in learning more about a certain character. Yet, it seems as though the more the audience learns and understand, the less interested they become. Why is this?

At the end of a movie or book, do you like think what you know about a character or story is all that could have happened, or do you like to think there could possibly be more?

I think an effective way to write is to beg the question, “What else could I learn about these characters?” If you leave particular attributes up for discussion, things become a lot more interesting.

The readers curiosity is brought about by wanting know more. Simple right? Well, what does that mean? There isn’t really an answer to that exact question, but it does become a tool you a use to increase the attributes you want the reader to know.

Writing Too Much Information Example:

Think about it this way… Imagine the main character of a novel encounters a pretty lady. The novel reads, “She was a beautiful, charming and fun. (The main character) got to know her, they dated then, after a long fight, they decided to split up. It was partly due to her short fuse, but now that (the main character) realizes it, he broker up with her.

Writing Ambiguously Example:

Now imagine this same example written with an ambiguous tone. “(the main character) sat in disbelief at the beautiful creature in front of him. She seemed so sincere and caring. He wished he could get to know her, but he knew he would have to loose a lot of weight before he could get to her level.” This is obviously a very simple example, but the contrast of ambiguity and explanation can be seen.

In which example does the lady seem more interesting?

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