First Person vs Third Person

First and Third Person are the most common form of perspective in writing. In this article I will be breaking down the differences between them.

1st vs 3rd Person Points of View

Point of view is a narrative mode. Points of view, like 1st and 3rd person are common methods of telling the story (or narrative) to the reader. These methods are very different and accomplish many different effects. To understand more fully lets talk about them more.

1st Person

Using the 1st person point of view pronouns like “I” (Singular), “We” (Plural) or “We’re” (Plural possessive) are used. This can be used for any number of reasons. Often times, first person is used to directly describe the main characters exact feelings or thoughts in a circumstance, fictional or non-fictional.

The effect of writing in 1st person is that it talks directly to the reader. As though the reader is an acknowledge part of the story that needs to understand the character(s) at hand.

It sounds like a person talking to their friend. For example, “I felt a little odd when I walked into the room”.

3rd Person

Using the 3rd person point of view pronouns like “He” (Singular), “Hers” (Singular Possessive) or “They” (Plural). This form of narration is often used in fiction books to sound more objective. The objectivity allows readers to buy into the imaginary history or circumstance surrounding the events taking place in the writing because they appear as facts.

The effect of writing in 3rd person is it objectifies the story. This proves hard when making characters seem more realistic. The challenge comes when you have to develop a whole character without directly telling the reader what that character wants to say.

Third person looks like, “Michael, after a hard days work, laid down for bed. The following day, he arose and started working again”.


Since The Story of Michael is a fiction novel I never wondered about writing in 1st person. However, my personal challenge was to make the 3rd person so descriptive that it seemed like 1st person. Good story telling allows the audience to predict a certain actions characters because, over the course of the writing, the audience has learned how this character reacts, performs and contributes to the book over all.

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