Steps in Creative Writing

This guide is written to help you figure out how you should start writing. Creative writing is not something that comes naturally to most people, but given enough thought and time, you will be on your way to creative writing in no time.

How To Start Creative Writing:

  1. Find your vision – It helps to have a vision or idea of the type of writing you want to do. This means genre, tone, characters, plot, etc… If you only have a small amount to work with, that’s okay.
  2. Find your space – Where are you most comfortable writing? I find it best to hide myself in a new area. The back room of my house looking outside with the window open is working for me right now. Kitchen table, couch, desk, lawn chair are all great places. I listen to music. You should probably give that a shot.
  3. Start writing – Nothing helps more than to attempt your first draft. Give yourself an hour or two to flesh out your idea. Don’t stop for grammar or spelling at this point.
  4. Stop for the day – Unless you are on a creative train that will travel easily on and on, stop. Many artists/creative types wear out their creativity by forcing the process.
  5. Review your work – Read your work out loud or to yourself. Listen to music or whatever helps you. This is to see how strong the writing is. Is it as good as you hoped?
  6. Realistically criticize – Give yourself a few pointers on your first draft, get a friends opinion, then instead of correcting it now, just take notes and move on to your next chapter or part of the project. If you start getting super critical of yourself it will be a spiral of doubt.
  7. Outlining your story – There are plenty of ways to outline your story. Do which ever way is easiest so you can focus your energy toward the story. Making the outline work forces you to come up with the beginning, middle and end of the story. Drawing one on a big piece of paper works well, but I have also created one in Excel. The options are there, come up with your own.
  8. Chapter listing – After your outline is complete it will give you a sense of which chapters you should focus on. Primary, secondary, character bios, and more. Start listing what ever comes to mind. 5 or 100 ideas is fine, just keep moving.
  9. To-Do list – Having completed this much of the guide means you now have a to-do list (Chapter list and outline). Start writing what ever chapters or parts of the story you want to. Check them off as you go. I prefer to write something that matches the mood I am in. Does not have to be that way for you.

Congratulations! You have started writing. There are many more tricks and techniques that I am currently learning. Hopefully I can teach them to you when I have them more figured out. Comment, share and come back soon!

I am a writer who loves a good story and likes to discuss my artistic vision with other creative people out there.


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One Response to Steps in Creative Writing

  1. Emil Lowell says:

    Thanks to this article, I have been able to find it easier to write my novel.

    My vision comes from my general likes and hobbies, some off my favourite things and elements which I enjoy in life.

    My area where I work is mainly at home on the couch, I try to do some in school but it is difficult with everyone around. I usually like to write when I am alone so I can let my creative juices flow without distraction.

    My goal per day is to write 1 chapter. I know this seems a bit much, but if I write half a chapter, stop then write the other half, it will make no sense (I don’t like to make notes of what I do. I have a spread sheet saying how much progress I have made though.)

    This does contradict what I just said but I read back each paragraph to see if it works, this is only because word says there is a grammatical error when there isn’t!

    80% of my friends do not even know what a book is… yes, most my friends failed English (like me, but I was ill for the exams). I have a few friends that enjoy reading, I am sure that they will read and review it for me which would be good.

    I keep an Excel document saying each chapter and similar to yours, the different phases involved. I am aiming for around 20 chapters as it is a nice round number… My character bios are introduced in the story, I make it up in my head as I write. Visualising the characters and watching as they develop.

    My personal goal is to write 35,000 words (hit 10,000 today), have some great art and leave the book on an ending which could lead to a sequel… This is the first place I have wrote about my book and experiences. Be happy =D. I will add info to my site when I can be bothered, which, right now I cannot be bothered.

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