Writing an Effective Speech for a Character

The audible voice is hard to mimic when writing. Writing a speech or trying to make your monologue more exciting? It’s important to note some important features that help you write. These techniques are designed for Novels and books.

  1. Generalize

    Speeches are most effective when they reach all of the people who are listening. This means, like a common denominator, it appeals to the larges number of people. Gaining their trust and appealing to their core beliefs. Say phrases like, “All people of goodness and truth”.

  2. Be Edgy and Exaggerate

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    Add a tone to your character by saying things like, “Together we will rule the world!” This sounds way too good to be true and you will have to own your audience before saying it.

  3. Over Spiritualize

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    Add a touch of the divine. No one believes in morals because it’s simply ‘right’ to. Most believe in a higher ‘cause’ or ‘truth’ than themselves and mankind. A quote may looks something like this, “As one voice, our hearts speak together and cry out to the laws of nature to guide us…”

  4. Finesse and Paint Colorful Imagery

    Part of helping people grasp complex ideas or thoughts often takes a solid analogy. Similes, metaphors, and symbols can all be artfully depicted with properly chosen language. For instance, “Redemption lay beyond the last hill of persistent toughness.”

I am going to stop there and leave more ideas up to you. Leave me comments or tag me in a tweet to reply with a great idea! Please comment share and enjoy!


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