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This writers events pages is designed to help you find ways to stay creatively active in writing. If you are looking for a place to get ideas, opinions and see how to structure and accomplish your goal, this is a great place for you to stay involved.

Facebook event for Phase 1 The Story of MichaelPhase 1 event – At the end of February marks the end of Phase 1 for The Story of Michael. This is a private deadline that is made public for all to see. If you feel like joining in the fun of completing a goal, I would love for you to join!

The Story of Michael phase 2 completion and recapPhase 2 event (April 30, 2011) – This marks the end of phase 2 for David Blane’s book The Story of Michael. Once again, its a time for writers and creatives to come together and discuss their insights on writing.
The Story of Michael phase 3 completion and recapPhase 3 event (June 30, 2011) – Ending in June, Phase 3 consists of editing each chapter with notes and analysis from Phase 2. Join in creative writing discussion, learn how to improve your writing.
The Story of Michael phase 2 completion and recapPhase 4 event (August 31st, 2011) – Marking the end of Phase 4, the “marketing phase” of the book, It is a writers discussion about marketing a novel using social media and working within the writers community.
creative writing event phase 5Phase 5 event (November 1st, 2011) – The end of Phase 5 of The Story of Michael, this event is a creative writing video and transcript. This event covers creating your book’s ‘brand’, how to ask for help, gathering criticism (and what to do with it), and much more..

I am a writer who loves a good story and likes to discuss my artistic vision with other creative people out there.


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