Phase 2 Completion and Recap

Video – Live Writer Discussion: Phase 2 Recap – Part 1

Video – Live Writer Discussion: Phase 2 Recap – Part 2

Wow! I’m excited about this. I’ve read over the story completely 1 time so far. It’s exciting for me to see the elements coming together. Mostly, I was pleasantly surprised that it doesn’t suck!

All joking aside, Phase 2 marks the completion of one more step towards finishing my goal of writing my passion, The Story of Michael.

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Phase 2 will consist of:

Story of michael phase 2 completion and recap event pageLike during the Phase 1 Recap, I am really looking forward to answering questions for you. Our last session ended up being a little longer than I first thought, So if you DO have questions, send them to me!

Transcript (Added 5-5-2011):

Hey Everyone! Thanks so much for coming! Tonight marks the end of a great journey. Phase 2 was a chance for me to delve deeper into each chapter. I created a document to help me analyze each chapter as a separate entity. This helped me tremendously. It allowed me to think about the story with in a chapter without overwhelming me to think about the book as a whole. That is something I can do at a later time

What does Phase 2 consist of?

  • Reread, revisit, recapture all concepts
  • Question overall philosophy of the created world
  • Make a check list of elements each chapter must consist of
  • Enhance dialogue
  • Formulate character profiles listing dominate traits

Basically, it means facing your fears about your text. For me, Most of what I re-read I remembered thinking about already, but there were also some surprises along the way that I will talk about.
So lets get into it. After this I will be taking questions and answering the ones I have already received.

In Phase 1 I talked about my love for being creative, how i’ve shaped my view of writing as an art form and how I define the rules of art. If you want check out the Phase 1 transcript for more on that.

Tonight, I am going to talk about what it takes to stay organized and disciplined. Being creative also means being incredibly scatterbrained. or so I’ve experienced. So I wanted to show you what I did to combat those things.

  1. I work in spurts. If I don’t feel like working, I don’t.
  2. I usually wait until I am feeling emotionally contemplative, and start listening to music to help the juices start flowing.
  3. I write about things I care about. – Sometimes I pull from events or build characters from perceptions I have of real life people or events.

Now that kind of rehashes phase 1, but it shows how you can take your creativity and personality, analyze and plan accordingly. The tough part is you really don’t know what to do until you try.

The most helpful thing I did was develop a document. It’s a generic document which I created that contains all the important aspects of a chapter. It’s like a checklist with room to write notes.

This may seem easy, but give yourself a good list and it’s hard to get through a chapter quickly. You will find that what you wrote may be way different than you originally thought. You may even be forced to think that a chapter is completely terrible and needs to be rewritten.

The document I created will be available to you at a later time. So subscribe to the email to find out when its available.

So you can see how this forces a creative mind to dig into their work a little deeper. Even if you feel like you’re only scratching the surface, this is only phase 2, and there are several more to come.

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Thanks again to all those that showed up for my Phase 1 recap! Ustream unfortunately messed up each of my videos and are not a reliable company. I don’t recommend using them if you don’t have to.

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