Phase 3 Completion and Recap

Chop, Cut, Edit, Rewrite

Video – Live Writer Discussion: Phase 3 – Part 1

Video – Live Writer Discussion: Phase 3 – Part 2

Video – Live Writer Discussion: Phase 3 – Part 3

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Visit Phase 1 and Phase 2 transcripts to see how the discussion is usually structured.

Video Transcript from Event:

Hey everyone and welcome to phase 3! This marks the 3rd completion of the phases for The Story of Michael! I have invited anyone who wanted to join me to come and I hope that you enjoy the event!

First off let us recap a little…In phase 1 we discussed writing as an art form and I talked about my belief of the rules of artIn phase 2 I talked about how discipline has a huge role in the creative field. It separates you from the rest of the crowd. I discussed the way I developed a chapter by chapter questionnaire that helped me organize my thoughts about each chapter.

For Phase 3, I sat down with the completed documents from phase 2 and started to edit each chapter according to my answered questionnaire.

This was the plan of attack:

  • Use Chapter analysis document to evaluate  each chapter
  • Determine main changes to make
  • Rewrite parts of the chapter
  • Edit Grammar and Sentence structure
  • Plot emotions per chapter look at overall structure

Okay, let me just say. WOW!!, this was by-far the most difficult Phase so far. I spend over 40 hours on it. Which lead me to realize I had to stream line my methodology.

It was very, very grooling. At first it was taking me 3+ hours to complete a single chapter. Given, the chapters were much better,this made me feel like I had just uncovered the base of the mountain I was about to climb.

Looking up this mountain, I thought to myself, what tools can I take with me that will help me accomplish this task and which ones will just weigh me down.

I stuck to basic editing for time sake. I did not overly worry about the story as a whole, but focused mainly on sentence structure and out of place text. By doing this I increased the readability and flow of the content. This means basically, that even if the story is terrible, a reader could theoretically get through the entire book and understand it.

Doing this reduced the amount of stress by a ton! Allowing me to realize I have a lot more to do with the story as a whole when I near completion. And, this  also helped me realize what Phase 4 would entail.

As I am now done and able to take a step back from phase 3, I feel as though I am at a place of solidity with the book. I know the plot, I can tell you what happens in each chapter without looking, and it sets me up to start getting feedback.

I am toying with the idea of what to do for feedback. I haven’t come to a decision as of yet, but it’s exciting to start thinking of the possibilities. Of course, I will let you know if there is any way you can be involved!

Before I move onto questions I want to brielfy mention my plans for Phase 4. Before, I had Phase 4 as the “Reread” phase. Meaning, it would be like phase 2, but with a look at the book as a whole. Then I realized, I really need to start marketing more. So I have decided that completion of Phase 4 (roughly due at the end of August) will focus heavily on marketing and finding a publisher or agent.

So, now, I am calling on my friends and writing peers for help. I am not going to stop short for The Story of Michael and I need help making this the best damn book ever.

Here is a list of what I am in need of:

  1. An artist – For book cover, website graphic and possibly the next trailer
  2. A music composer – For the next trailer
  3. An agent – To help me find a publisher and work with me on marketing
  4. A publisher – to help me bring this book to the world!

please feel free to email me if you have any leads! info {at}

Questions & Answers

  • Could you please explain even just briefly what the story is about?
    The story is a fiction story about a boy named Michael. His legend and his destiny all shape the world he is in. The story starts with him very young so we can see a little bit of his upbringing, then a few chapters in we start to see unexpected circumstances arise because of the changes in the world known as the formations.
  • Do these events take place on earth or some other world of your own imagining?
    The events take place on a earth similar to ours, but it is from my own imagination, yes.
  • Who is Michael and what inspired you to write a story about this character?
    Michael is complex. I can say that. There is nothing exactly that inspired him, but really a series of conclusions I have come to about life as a whole, and what guides us. As for specifics, I think it is more fun for the reader to figure it out.
  • Can you please release a portion of the book (maybe just the first chapter…or even just a few paragraphs of an interesting part or something) for us to read and give opinions?
    I have thought about this, and I am thinking it will be possible given some set of really strict rules. I value my work a lot and find it hard to share with just anyone before it’s release, but I am also interested in feedback from everyone, so i want to find a way to let you read some of it.
  • As you were doing phase 3 did the character’s dialogue change much, if so how?
    Yes! My mother actually helped me out with this one. She reads a lot of fiction and I asked her about the right way to present dialogue in a book. I now break a line for every quote. For instance. This is an end of a paragraph in the book.
    “Whoa! that’s awesome!” David said.
    “Eh, it could be better.” Said Emil.
    “True, True.” Said David.
  • What was the most difficult task as you went through phase 3?
    The most difficult thing I did was stay disciplined. I turned down chances for a lot of fun activities. Now, I am still single and will probably remain that way until this book is finished lol
  • What insight did you gain as you processed phase 3?
    That, once again, writing a book is hard as crap. But doing something you value personally, makes the experience worthwhile.
  • Has the story changed much from your initial phase?
    Yes, more so in terms of how I understand it. The plot structure is still the same, but I will likely change around chapters and rearrange paragraphs before releasing it.
  • How much time do you spend writing your book everyday?
    Sometimes 30 minutes sometimes, like today about 6 hours.
  • Who is Michael, why should I care about him and what does he do?
    Michael’s character is amazing to me. His depth and wonder keep me guessing, yet at the same time, every time I read about him and his situations, I feel satisfied. Its hard to say exactly, but I would challenge you to read the first chapter, when it’s available, and see if you can stop.
  • The name Michael is Hebrew, meaning, “Like God”. Is this story going to be religious?
    Interesting! I will say that, while there is definitely no direct relation to any particular religion we know of, The Story of Michael can be seen as spiritual and, most certainly, philosophic.
  • What other works do your draw your inspiration from?
    Hmmm. There are times when I am just sitting in thought, or maybe I see something on TV that irks me. Usually these circumstance inpire me to write. I do have specifics, but I would rather wait until the story is released.

I really am so happy that you guys are into my work and like asking my opinion about it! It keeps me going and the phases keep me disciplined. So Thanks Everyone!!

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I am a writer who loves a good story and likes to discuss my artistic vision with other creative people out there.


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  1. Ann Blane says:

    I read your transcript. Great job! You are doing so well with this. Gma is getting her internet set up today! I can’t wait to show her some of this!!!!


  2. Emil Lowell says:

    Yet another amazing Phase David, great job.

  3. Hannah Pryor says:

    Great job!

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