Phase 4 Completion and Recap

The Story of Michael Phase 4 Event PageOne would think that writing a book and finishing equals getting published. Well I have had a different experience. Though, I do hope I do get published broadly, I have been learning the skills necessary to market my novel on my own. I invite you to join me!

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Writer Discussion Includes:

  • Importance of website design
  • Writing marketing copy
  • The Snowflake Method
  • Breaking down my book and rebuilding it
  • Adding a watermark to your manuscript
  • Discuss your questions

Marketing a Novel, Writing Marketing Copy and More. Writers Discussion

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Part 2

Part 3 – Questions and Answers

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Writing Discussion Video Transcript

Hey everyone! Thanks for joining me for the 4th phase of my book. This is what I’m calling the “marketing” phase of the book. But, really, it means, what to do to prepare for marketing, how to promote your book, and learning a book’s strengths as well as it’s weakness a in the market.

So, where should you start when you have begun to market your novel? Well, for me, I always start too big and have to work in reverse. I’d say my process started with, “how do people view my book?” Are they taking it seriously?

This lead me to rethink my current status and position of the book. This is what lead me to redesign the front of my website. I felt that it was sub-par and if a publisher were to stumble onto it, the old page would have sent them running.

So now, when you go to you will see a brand new website completely designed from scratch. The blog is still connected to it though, this is just the front page where I will sell the book when it is released.

Oddly enough, I looked forward to the site redesign more than I looked forward to writing the marketing copy.

Before I go on about the copy, let me first say, I found some great places to get feedback about your websites. One of which I will mention, called “” is a great place where you can post a website or design in all sorts of categories. I signed up and posted my website. I got several decent criticisms, and one really thought-out one. Regardless, Its a great place to get honest feedback from professionals. See if you can find my site on there…

The other places to get reviews were mostly forums that talk about website design review.

You are mostly going to find that book websites usually are mainly focused on selling and information about the author. So keep THAT in mind if you are designing a website. However, I prefer to also give people a reason to come to the site and learn about my methods and creative writing styles.

Back to the book copy. I realized I had no idea how to write marketing copy for a novel. Basically, most experts agree, get a professional to write it for you. Of course, for many of us, that is not going to be an option. So I have put together three things that will help you formulate great marketing copy for your book.

Tips for Writing Marketing Copy

  1. If it is a fiction book it is better not to try to write a summary. Instead, sample some of the actual book. This is what I plan to do on the website and in the packages I send out. This doesn’t mean you can’t write about the style, author, tone, etc… I just means, fiction books are likely to be too hard to summarize in a few quick paragraphs. That being said, some publishers and agents will require a summary. To learn more you can get the book I read about getting your book published Putting Your Passion Into Print
  2. I also read online in one blog which talked about writing a novel as a snow flake. Meaning that the closer you look the more detail is revealed. Since I already have a (mostly) completed novel, I guess I was working with a reverse snowflake method. Google “snowflake method”. (Great video about The Snowflake Method –
  3. I went to the book store, grabbed several different types of books, looked at the inside cover and back of the cover. The types of books were Fantasy, Teen-Fiction, Classical Fiction, Historical Fiction, etc… This covers the broad, mainstream book readers as well as the niche readers. I took notes as someone who would potentially be buying these books. I found it pretty helpful to find similar books and think about how I would want to use some of their techniques to make my copy better.

So I know I have spent a lot of time on copy, but think about it; you are writing about your writing. It is EXACTLY your style. It is what people will like and dislike your book at first glance. More importantly, It’s what sells your book. To the reader, if your copy sucks, your book sucks.

Basically, in the last few days of phase 4, I have been breaking down my book per chapter. In order to build effective copy means I am deconstructing my book paragraph by paragraph and summarizing each one as it’s own sentence. I now have an outline of the book that has my book in paragraph form, which is each chapter summarized in 4-5 sentences. Also, I have it broken into one sentence summary per chapter. All of this is to see what my brain chooses to represent a whole chapter of mine in a single sentence or paragraph.

This has been pretty challenging as you can imagine.

So like any Author, I have been putting off the part where I actually send out my book for review. This is because I’m not quite ready to share it with the world. So what I have done, but have not implemented completely yet, was a way to watermark my manuscript so I can send it out with a big “Copyright” logo in the background of the document.

I did this in OpenOffice. Which is available at In openoffice go to Format > Page… > Background then set as “Graphic”, select your file, then select “Area” for the position. This assumes you can make a copyright image in some type of image editor. Watch the tutorial on how to add a watermark using OpenOffice.

Anyway that worked well for me so then I saved it as a PDF and I am prepared to send it out to a select group of people. I also put together a specific questionnaire for them to answer when they have completed it.

So you’re probably wondering if you will be getting a copy. What I have decided to do for that is to send out the Prologue to anyone that has a genuine interest in writing my a full review about it. When I send it out you will be agreeing to not share it or talk about it with anyone. Also, there will be legal writing in the email.

If you are Interested in reading the prologue (and perhaps more), then send me an email with the following text inside in it, “I, (prospective reader), agree to not share any of the information about or story of The Story of Michael to anyone unless permitted by it’s creator, David Blane. I agree that all contents are property of David Blane and I understand that breaking this agreement may have legal consequences.”

I will be sending them out in the near future.

Thanks again for everyone who was able to make it tonight! hope to see yall at phase 5!

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For Emil:

A friend of mine, Emil, at the end of Phase 3, asked me to read this poem to you. Here it is, Please leave a comment below or visit his website at

He would like to know how the emotion feels behind it.

This is the Poem:

Everything around me
It feels like it’s fading
My heart rotting
My mind decaying.

What purpose did I hold
For what I have done
I am losing sanity
Turning insane.

As my tears dry down
I lay down pretending
That peace still held
In my disturbed soul.

Inevitable was reality
My pretending self satisfaction
I now close my eyes to rest
And to not wake up ever again.


Emil Lowell

I am a writer who loves a good story and likes to discuss my artistic vision with other creative people out there.


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