The Story of Michael Announcement, follow up, video and The Hero of Time post.

Roughly after a year since the our final HoT spot premiere in Los Angeles, The Hero of Time (HoT) team released a video as a follow up and introduction to new projects by the creators of The Hero of Time, David Blane and Joel Musch.

We’ve got some news on future projects as well as a few updates to the site to help navigate to the buddy-sites for projects The Hero of Time’s creators are working on!  The video is long overdue—we know. It was hard to contrive a video update without many things going on with The Hero of Time. But chin up cause its here! It features footage from the LA screening from last year, some behind the scenes funnies, as well as some really weighty banter of us on the couch!
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Also, I want to welcome people from David Blane Studios. Sorry for the delay in getting a website set up and thanks for the support! Here is the latest video from my Youtube profile:

So that’s basically it for now. More to come soon. Video and more hopefully. In the meantime keep up with my progress easily on Facebook, Twitter and on this blog.

I am a writer who loves a good story and likes to discuss my artistic vision with other creative people out there.


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